"So stubborn!" the lovely goddess countered.
"Hell-bent yet again on battle and feats of arms?
Can’t you bow to the deathless gods themselves?
Scylla’s no mortal, she’s an immortal devastation,
terrible, savage, wild, no fighting her, no defense –
just flee the creature, that’s the only way.
Waste any time, arming for battle beside her rock,
I fear she’ll lunge out again with all of her six heads
and seize as many men."

– Homer

The Odyssey, Book 12, lines 125-133. Odysseus believes that he will be able to fight Scylla off without suffering casualties among his men. But sorceress and goddess Circe angrily reminds him of the immortal Scylla’s devastating power. Circe understands Odysseus’ proud heart and urges him to rein in his instincts for battle. She tells him not to fight Scylla or arm for battle. But he should just flee this creature, otherwise she will seize as many men as she can, Circe warns.