“Well, Mr. Finch didn’t act that way to Mayella and old man Ewell when he cross-examined them. The way that man called him ‘boy’ all the time an’ sneered at him, an’ looked around at the jury every time he answered – ”
“Well, Dill, after all he’s just a negro.”
“I don’t care one speck. It ain’t right, somehow it ain’t right to do ’em that way. Hasn’t anybody got any business talkin’ like that – it just makes me sick.”

– Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 19. Dill Harris complains to Scout about the way prosecutor Mr. Gilmer questioned Tom Robinson in court. Dill is not like a lot of the children in Maycomb, who are products of their parents racist teaching. Rather he is sensitive to the unjust treatment meted out to a black man in the judicial system.