I pushed my way through dark smelly bodies and burst into the circle of light.
“H-ey, Atticus!”
I thought he would have a fine surprise, but his face killed my joy. A flash of plain fear was going out of his eyes, but returned when Dill and Jem wriggled into the light. There was a smell of pigpen about, and when I glanced around I discovered that these men were strangers. They were not the people I saw last night. Hot embarrassment shot through me: I had leaped triumphantly into a ring of people I had had never seen before.

– Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 15. Atticus is not happy that Scout, Jem and Dill have come to see him at the jail house. This is evident from the flash of fear in his eyes on seeing them. A lynch mob has sent the sheriff off on a wild goose chase and wants to administer street justice to jailed Tom Robinson. The only thing standing between them and Tom is a courageous Atticus who refuses to move.