PROSPERO: [to Ferdinand] Follow me.
[To Miranda.] Speak not you for him. He’s a traitor.
[To Ferdinand.] Come,
I’ll manacle thy neck and feet together.
Sea-water shalt thou drink; thy food shall be
The fresh-brook muscles, withered roots, and husks
Wherein the acorn cradled. Follow.

– William Shakespeare

The Tempest, Act 1, Scene 2. Prospero’s imperialistic nature comes to the fore as he threatens to take Ferdinand into captivity, manacle his neck and feet together, give him sea water to drink, and mussels, old roots and empty acorn shells for food. He tells Miranda not to speak for him as he is a traitor. There is a certain dramatic irony here, as the audience is aware that Prospero is in favor of the love union between Ferdinand and Miranda and actually set it up, but he doesn’t want Ferdinand to feel that he has won his daughter too easily.