If I did think, sir, I were well awake,
I’ld strive to tell you. We were dead of sleep,
And – how we know not – all clapp’d under hatches,
Where, but even now, with strange and several noises
Of roaring, shrieking, howling, jingling chains,
And more diversity of sounds, all horrible,
We were awaked; straightway, at liberty;
Where we, in all her trim, freshly beheld
Our royal, good and gallant ship.

– William Shakespeare

The Tempest, Act 5, Scene 1. The Boatswain tells what happened to the crew of the ship. They fell asleep below decks and woke to sounds of roaring, shrieking and clinking of chains. They found themselves free and were delighted to see the ship all ready to sail – all brought about by Prospero’s magic.