Daydreaming so as he sat among the suitors,
he glimpsed Athena now
straight to the porch he went, mortified
that a guest might still be standing at the doors.
Pausing beside her there, he clasped her right hand
and relieving her at once of her long bronze spear,
met her with winged words: "Greetings, stranger!
Here in our house you’ll find a royal welcome.
Have supper first, then tell us what you need."

– Homer

The Odyssey, Book 1, lines 138-146. Telemachus is sitting among Penelope’s suitors when he spots a guest left standing at the doors unattended. Immediately he runs to greet the disguised Athena and offer supper, even before he asks his guest’s name. In ancient Greece the code of hospitality, or xenia, was regarded as a sacred duty. Note how Telemachus is the only one in the household to treat the guest with respect, there’s no welcome from the suitors.