Hera, so hard, so senseless! Don’t leap to extremes.
I, at least, have no real lust to drive our forces
against the gods of Troy. Our side is so much stronger.
Come now, let us move off and settle down together
far from the trampled field, take a lookout post
and leave the war to mortals…
But if Ares or Phoebus cares to start things off,
if they block Achilles and keep him out of action,
they will have a fight on their hands, then and there,
an all-out fight with us.

– Homer

The Iliad, Book 20, lines 157-166. Poseidon tells Hera not to get involved in the Trojan war yet, and leave it to the mortals. But he does warn of an all-out fight with himself and Hera if Ares or Phoebus (Apollo) intervene, or block Achilles in any way.