As a stallion full-fed at the manger, stalled too long,
breaking free of his tether gallops down the plain,
out for his favorite plunge in a river’s cool currents,
thundering in his pride – his head flung back, his mane
streaming over his shoulders, sure and sleek in his glory.
knees racing him on to the fields and stallion-haunts he loves –
so Hector hurtled on, his legs driving, his knees pumping,
spurring his reinsmen once he heard the god’s command.

– Homer

The Iliad, Book 15, lines 313-320. We are told in one of Homer’s brilliant extended similes that Hector, filled with new courage and strength by Apollo, is like a fully-fed stallion breaking free of his tether and charging with pride down the plain. So Hector rejoins the ranks.