Adrestus hugged his knees and begged him, pleading,
"Take me alive, Atrides, take a ransom worth my life!
Treasures are piled up in my rich father’s house,
bronze and gold and plenty of well-wrought iron
father would give you anything, gladly, priceless ransom
if only he learns I’m still alive in Argive ships!"

– Homer

The Iliad, Book 6, lines 53-58. As well as being a brave and fierce fighter, Menelaus can also be kind – for a price. Instead of spearing the Trojan Adrestus during battle, Menelaus allows him live after he promises a handsome ransom from his father. Unfortunately for Adrestus, Agamemnon comes along and chides brother Menelaus for being soft with the enemy, and Menelaus allowed Agamemnon to spear the Trojan to death.