She was a funny girl, old Jane. I wouldn’t exactly describe her as strictly beautiful. She knocked me out, though. She was sort of muckle-mouthed. I mean when she was talking and she got excited about something, her mouth sort of went in about fifty directions, her lips and all. That killed me. And she never really closed it all the way, her mouth. It was always just a little bit open, especially when she got in her golf stance, or when she was reading a book. She was always reading, and she read very good books.

J. D. Salinger

The Catcher in the Rye. Chapter 11. With his sister Phoebe and younger brother Allie, who dies of leukemia three years before the start of the novel, Jane Gallagher is one of only three people that Holden can connect with. She is also the only person outside his family that he showed Allie’s baseball mitt to.