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Authors: Sophia Loren Quotes, Famous Sophia Loren Quotes Quotations Sayings
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I enjoyed myself posing as if I was a little girl again.
Sophia Loren
After posing in a slinkly see through black dress at 71 for the 2007 Pirelli calendar
Sex appeal is 50 per cent what you're got and 50 per cent what people think you're got.
Sophia Loren
You have to be born a sex symbol. You don't become one. If you are born with it, you will have it even when you are 100 years old.
Sophia Loren
Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself. That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent.
Sophia Loren
Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.
Sophia Loren
Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.
Sophia Loren
When the lights went down and I was alone with Rita or Linda or Tyrone, I was suffused with the feeling that that's what I was put on earth to do, to act, to express myself, to let out whatever feelings I had inside.
Sophia Loren
After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It's better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.
Sophia Loren
Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.
Sophia Loren
I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you.
Sophia Loren
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Sophia Loren: Italian-born Hollywood movie actress. Born Sophia Scicolone 1934.

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