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Authors: Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet Quotes, Famous Romeo and Juliet Quotes, Quotations, Sayings
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Adversity's sweet milk, philosophy.
Romeo and Juliet, 3. 3
Wilt thou be gone? it is not yet near day:
It was the nightingale, and not the lark,
That pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear.
Romeo and Juliet, 3. 5
Night's candles are burnt out, and jocund day
Stands tiptoe on the misty mountain-tops.
Romeo and Juliet, 3. 5
I have more care to stay than will to go.
Romeo and Juliet, 3. 5
Thank me no thankings, nor proud me no prouds.
Romeo and Juliet, 3. 5
Romeo's a dishclout to him.
Romeo and Juliet, 3. 5
Death lies on her like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.
Romeo and Juliet, 4. 5
The strength
Of twenty men.
Romeo and Juliet, 5. 1
Tempt not a desperate man.
Romeo and Juliet, 5. 3
Her beauty makes
This vault a feasting presence full of light.
Romeo and Juliet, 5. 3
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William Shakespeare - English Dramatist and Poet. Born 1564. Died 1616.

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