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Authors: Shakespeare - As You Like It Quotes, As You Like It Quotations
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Fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world.
As You Like It, 1. 1
Let us sit and mock the good housewife Fortune from
her wheel, that her gifts may henceforth be bestowed equally.
As You Like It, 1. 2
Hereafter, in a better world than this,
I shall desire more love and knowledge of you.
As You Like It, 1. 2
My pride fell with my fortunes.
As You Like It, 1. 2
CELIA: Not a word?
ROSALIND: Not one to throw at a dog.
As You Like It, 1. 3
O, how full of briers is this working-day world!
As You Like It, 1. 3
Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold.
As You Like It, 1. 3
We'll have a swashing and a martial outside,
As many other mannish cowards have.
As You Like It, 1. 3
Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;
And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in every thing.
As You Like It, 2. 1
Sweep on, you fat and greasy citizens.
As You Like It, 2. 1
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William Shakespeare - English Dramatist and Poet. Born 1564. Died 1616.

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