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Authors: Shakespeare Quotes - Cymbeline - Famous Quotes, Quotations
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If she be furnished with a mind so rare,
She is alone the Arabian bird, and I
Have lost the wager. Boldness be my friend!
Arm me, audacity.
Cymbeline, 1. 6
How bravely thou becomest thy bed, fresh lily!
Cymbeline, 2. 2
But kiss: one kiss! Rubies unparagoned,
How dearly they do't!
Cymbeline, 2. 2
On her left breast
A mole cinque-spotted, like the crimson drops
I' the bottom of a cowslip.
Cymbeline, 2. 2
Hark, hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings,
And Phoebus 'gins arise,
His steeds to water at those springs
On chaliced flowers that lies;
And winking Mary-buds begin
To ope their golden eyes:
With everything that pretty is,
My lady sweet, arise.
Cymbeline, 2. 3
I thought her
As chaste as unsunned snow.
Cymbeline, 2. 5
Some griefs are medicinable.
Cymbeline, 3. 2
O, for a horse with wings!
Cymbeline, 3. 2
So slippery that
The fear's as bad as falling.
Cymbeline, 3. 3
How hard it is to hide the sparks of nature!
Cymbeline, 3. 3
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William Shakespeare - English Dramatist and Poet. Born 1564. Died 1616.

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