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Saint Joan Quotes from the play by George Bernard Shaw

No Englishman is ever fairly beaten.
Saint Joan
Scene 4

Scratch an Englishman and find a Protestant.
Saint Joan
Scene 4

How can what an Englishman believes be heresy It is a contradiction in terms.
Saint Joan
Scene 4

God is on the side of the big battalions.
Saint Joan
Scene 5

Political necessities sometimes turn out to be political mistakes.
Saint Joan

Must then a Christ perish in torment in every age to save those that have no imagination
Saint Joan

Saint Joan - a play by George Bernard Shaw, based on the life and trial of Joan of Arc. Published in 1924, not long after the canonization of Joan of Arc by the Roman Catholic Church, the play dramatises what is known of her life based on the substantial records of her trial. Shaw was born July 26, 1856, and died on November 2, 1950.

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