Oh! Mamma, do the people hereabouts know I am married to-day? I was afraid they might not; and we overtook William Goulding in his curricle, so I was determined he should know it, and so I let down the side glass next to him, and took off my glove and let my hand just rest upon the window-frame, so that he might see the ring; and then I bowed and smiled like anything.

– Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 51. On her wedding day when Lydia returns home to Longbourn, she remains oblivious to the family consternation and embarrassment she has caused. Amid the distress of a number of family members, Lydia chooses to ignore this and prattles on about being married to Wickham that day and how anxious she is to make everybody in the locality aware of the news.