"He seemed quite struck with Jane as she was going down the dance. So he inquired who she was, and got introduced, and asked her for the two next. Then the two third he danced with Miss King, and the two fourth with Maria Lucas, and the two fifth with Jane again, and the two sixth with Lizzy, and the Boulanger – "
"If he had had any compassion for me," cried her husband impatiently, "he would not have danced half so much! For God’s sake, say no more of his partners. Oh that he had sprained his ankle in the first dance!"

– Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 3. Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Bennet are talking about Charles Bingley’s attentions towards Jane at the Meryton ball. Mrs. Bennet is convinced of Bingley’s interest in Jane on account of the fact that he danced with her twice. But Mr. Bennet seems indifferent to his wife’s account of the ball and becomes irritated with her.