“O.K.,” said George. “An’ you ain’t gonna do no bad things like you done in Weed, neither.”
Lennie looked puzzled. “Like I done in Weed?”
“Oh, so ya forgot that too, did ya? Well, I ain’t gonna remind ya, fear ya do it again.”
A light of understanding broke on Lennie’s face.
“They run us outa Weed,” he exploded triumphantly.
“Run us out, hell,” said George disgustedly. “We run. They was lookin’ for us, but they didn’t catch us.”
Lennie giggled happily. “I didn’t forget that, you bet.”

– John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men, Chapter 1. Lennis has no concept of consequences. He doesn’t even remember the wrong he did in Weed, where he was accused of raping a girl after feeling her dress and not letting go. But should George, who keeps dragging Lennie around with him, have taken some action before the big guy wound up killing someone?