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Authors: Lily Allen Quotes, Famous Lily Allen Quotes, Lily Allen Sayings Quotations
Lily Allen Quotes 1 - 2

I didn't realize I was an exceptional songwriter. I still just kind of think my songs are like nursery rhymes - little ditties that I write for myself. I am overwhelmed.
Lily Allen
After scooping three Ivor Novello awards for songwriting on May 20, 2010.

I'm still writing songs all the time and I won't be writing just for myself anymore. I want to write for Lady Gaga.
Lily Allen
After winning three Ivor Novello awards on May 20, 2010.

People in this day and age are still under the illusion that every woman who is successful must be being controlled by a man... I'm the boss.
Lily Allen

Cheryl [Cole], if you're reading this, I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of Auto-Tune.
Lily Allen
On her MySpace blog.

I must say that taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying, your mother must be so proud, stupid bitch.
Lily Allen
To Cheryl Cole, on her McSpace blog - Allen alleged Cole branded her 'a chick with a dick'.

It'll be a minimum of four or five years before I make a record again. I know what commitment it takes to release an album. I don't think that mixes well with the idea of settling down and having children, which is ultimately my goal and more of a priority than flying around the world.
Lily Allen
Announcing she wants to settle down and have children, May 16, 2010.

I got a BRIT Award recently. And that was something four years ago that I would have died for. But when I finally got that award it meant absolutely nothing to me. Because I now know that The BRIT Awards is a TV show. Record company executives make deals with a TV channel and the producers about who wins what award in exchange for performance time. So it's just become a non-award, like 'thank you for this'.
Lily Allen
Saying the BRIT award she recently won meant nothing to her now, April 26, 2010.

I've had enough of being me. I've had enough of being Lily Allen, I want to be me now. Whatever situation I'm in, whether it's going to the supermarket, the pub or a club, or in the back of a cab, people think they know me. And the reality is they don't. Lily Allen is a character I have no control over. I've got nothing to do with it except my face is the one that goes with it.
Lily Allen
Saying she has no control over her pop star persona, April 26, 2010.

Now that I've retired in gonna try and get on Come Dine With Me - I'm making chicken tarragon and leek pie tonight, yum.
Lily Allen
March 8, 2010.

I'd like to dedicate this next song to someone. David Cameron.
Lily Allen
Dedicating her song 'Fuck you' to British Conservative leader David Cameron, March 08, 2010.

It's a really big commitment to do an album these days. People don't buy music anymore, they download it and want their content for free - the thing that makes you your money is touring and I don't really want to tie myself down to being on the road for three years. I've got a boyfriend and I've got a house and I'd quite like to have children soon. So it doesn't really work into those plans. It's not retiring. I'm just doing a different job for a bit. I'm having a career change. I just want to stay in London for a while. It's not a particularly healthy lifestyle being on the road.
Lily Allen
On her plans to take a five break from making music, February 25, 2010.

I'm not making another album for a bit, Maybe in five years.
Lily Allen
On her plans to take a five break from making music, February 25, 2010.

It's been a busy year but it's been brilliant. When you start out you start on a small stage that is barely big enough to have all of your instruments on but as your career gets bigger, so does the stage and there's more space to fill. What has happened to me has been amazing. But I don't let it go to my head.
Lily Allen
On the year 2009, January 3, 2010.

Losing the baby hit me like a house collapsing, it was awful. It hit me when the baby's due date came around.
Lily Allen
On losing her first baby when she fell pregnant but lost the baby after less than 3 months, January 3, 2010.

I'm not a careerist, what I really want is to be a mum. I am driven, but that drive goes as far as keeping a roof over my head and having a routine. I have been in a relationship for six or seven months now and it's going really well so why not.
Lily Allen
On wanting to have babies, January 3, 2010.

Lady GaGa is good, but she's a new artist, Britney Spears is a legend. They are two different artists, two forms of entertainment but very different, is like comparing Picasso to Dali.
Lily Allen
Saying Britney Spears is better than Lady Gaga, December 28, 2009.

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and fuck loads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them.
Lily Allen
From her song, The Fear.

And i’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
Cause everyone knows that’s how you get famous
I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner
Lily Allen
From her song, The Fear.

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When do you think it will all become clear?
‘Cause I’m being taken over by the fear.
Lily Allen
From her song, The Fear.

Life’s about film stars and less about mothers
It’s all about fast cars and cussing each other
But it doesn’t matter cause I’m packing plastic
and that’s what makes my life so fucking fantastic.
Lily Allen
From her song, The Fear.

There's just one thing that's getting in the way
When we go up to bed, you're just no good, it's such a shame
I look into your eyes, I want to get to know you
And then you make this noise and it's apparent it's all over.
Lily Allen
From her song, Not Fair.

It's not fair and I think you're really mean
I think you're really mean, I think you're really mean
Oh, you're suppose to care
But you never make me scream, you never make me scream
Oh, it's not fair and it's really not okay
It's really not okay, it's really not okay
Oh, you're supposed to care
But all you do is take, yeah, all you do is take.
Lily Allen
From her song, Not Fair.

See you messed up my mental health I was quite unwell
I was so lost back then
But with a little help from my friends
I found a light in the tunnel at the end.
Lily Allen
From her song, Smile.

When you look with your eyes
Everything seems nice
But if you look twice
You can see it's all lies
Lily Allen
From her song, LDN.

So you've got a prescription,
And that makes it legal.
I find the excuses,
Overwhelmingly feeble.
Lily Allen
From her song, Everyone's At It.

So your daughter's depressed,
We'll get her straight on the prozac.
But little do you know,
She already takes crack.
Lily Allen
From her song, Everyone's At It.

Why can't we all,
All just be honest,
Admit to ourselves,
That everyone's on it.
From grown politicians,
To young adolescents,
Prescribing themselves,
Lily Allen
From her song, Everyone's At It.

Fuck you, fuck you very, very much
'Cause we hate what you do
And we hate your whole crew
So please don’t stay in touch.
Lily Allen
From her song, Fuck You Very Much.

I wanna be able to eat spaghetti bolognaise,
and not feel bad about it for days and days and days.
In the magazines they talk about weight loss,
If I buy those jeans I can look like Kate Moss.
Lily Allen
From her song, Everything's Just Wonderful.

And I say
Absolutely nothing, I'm Absolutely fine
Absolutely nothing you can say to change my mind.
Lily Allen
From her song, Absolutely Nothing.

Lily Allen Quotes 1 - 2
Lily Allen: English recording artist and songwriter. She was born Lily Rose Beatrice Allen in Hammersmith, London, on May 2, 1985.

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