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If I'm a legend, I'm dead. Do you want me to be dead? Legends are of the past.
Lauren Bacall
The star at 82.
I have no respect for celebrities, and I object to being called one, so don't try it! I'm an actress, not a celebrity.
Lauren Bacall
I just don't understand not working. I'm such a ham. I love hiding behind other characters. I find that it gives me freedom.
Lauren Bacall
I hope Bogie knew how much I loved him, how much he meant to me, how I highly valued him. I've had another life since then, but he was my first love, and you never forget your first love.
Lauren Bacall
On her co-star Humphrey Bogart, writing in her 1978 autobiography 'By Myself'.
I'm lucky to get it! I don't have big choices.
Lauren Bacall
On her role of Natalie Van Miter in 2007 movie 'The Walker'.
It feels better having an escort. I don't have many escorts in my life. But I don't like to enter rooms by myself. Literally. So I understand from that point of view why that exists. It's great to have one person that does not judge you and you can kind of confide in.
Lauren Bacall
On 2007 movie 'The Walker', which is about a society escort who squires rich Washington wives around town.
Sometimes I get very nostalgic because he died very young and he didn't have a chance to see his children grow at all. But on the other hand, because he never aged he's more alive than ever to more generations. He'd have never believed this.
Lauren Bacall
On her first love Humphrey Bogart.
You have to have a way to cope, to get through the rest of your life. You have disappointments, people hurt your feelings, friendships dissolve for no reason… all kinds of weird things can happen in life and you better learn how to deal with it. And the way to deal with it is to laugh at yourself.
Lauren Bacall
It's all about money nowadays. There's no accent on quality, on standards, and they don't write parts for women anymore. When I first went into pictures, women absolutely ran the show. Bette Davis practically owned Warner Brothers. She was my favourite. Every time she's on television, I love to watch her work.
Lauren Bacall
They're all too self-involved, y'know? And they're so unaware of what goes on anywhere else.
Lauren Bacall
On today's stars, in 2007 interview.
1 2 3 4 more Lauren Bacall quotes
Lauren Bacall: American movie actress. Born September 16, 1924.

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