GONERIL: Now, where’s your master?
OSWALD: Madam, within, but never man so changed.
I told him of the army that was landed;
He smiled at it. I told him you were coming;
His answer was "The worse." Of Gloucester’s treachery
And of the loyal service of his son
When I informed him, then he called me "sot"
And told me I had turned the wrong side out.
What most he should dislike seems pleasant to him;
What like, offensive.

– William Shakespeare

King Lear, Act 4, Scene 2. When Goneril returns to her palace, Oswald tells her that Albany has changed. It appears that his eyes are now opened to Goneril’s villainy. Oswald says that Albany is happy the French army has landed, but not happy to know he is seeing Goneril again. When Oswald tells him of Gloucester’s "treachery" and Edmund’s "loyal service," Albany brands Goneril’s self-seeking steward a "sot" and "turned the wrong side out."