REGAN: O, sir, to wilful men,
The injuries that they themselves procure
Must be their schoolmasters. Shut up your doors:
He is attended with a desperate train,
And what they may incense him to, being apt
To have his ear abused, wisdom bids fear.
CORNWALL: Shut up your doors, my lord. ‘Tis a wild night.
My Regan counsels well. Come out o’ th’ storm.

– William Shakespeare

King Lear, Act 2, Scene 4. There is a total lack of compassion from daughter Regan for her father Lear’s welfare and safety. Having driven the old man out of the house and into the storm, she cold-heartedly says that the injuries Lear gets from his foolishness will be his "schoolmasters" (metaphor meaning to teach him a lesson). Both she and her husband Cornwall command Gloucester to shut up his doors, effectively locking Lear out in the storm. Any bond that may have existed in the past between Lear’s older daughters and their father has now completely disappeared.