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Authors: Gordon Brown Quotes, Famous Gordon Brown Quotes Quotations Sayings
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Let the work of change begin.
Gordon Brown
On taking over as UK Prime Minister and succeeding Tony Blair, June 27 2007.
I will listen and I will learn. I will strive to meet people's aspirations. I want to lead a government humble enough to know its place - where I will always strive to be - and that is on people's side.
Gordon Brown
Launching campaign to lead Labour Party, May 11, 2007.
In the weeks and months ahead, my task is to show I have the new ideas, the vision and the experience to earn the trust of the British people.
Gordon Brown
Launching campaign to lead Labour Party, May 11, 2007.
I accept that mistakes have been made.
Gordon Brown
On Iraq, launching his campaign to lead Labour Party, May 11, 2007.
I did maths for a year at university. I don't think I was very good at it. And some people would say it shows.
Gordon Brown
April 2007.
There is a lot of support for Shilpa. It is pretty clear we are getting the message across. Britain is a nation of tolerance and fairness.
Gordon Brown
On concerns about racist bullying of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother, during visit to India January 2007.
There is nothing worse than a precious baby taken from you. You never comes to terms with it. Two weeks ago she would have been going to school for the first time.
Gordon Brown
Speaking in September 2006 about his daughter Jennifer Jane who died in 2002.
The Arctic Monkeys really wake you up in the morning.
Gordon Brown
On the Sheffield band, quoted in 2006 summer issue of New Woman magazine.
Environmental sustainability is not an option - it is a necessity. For economies to flourish, for global poverty to be banished, for the well-being of the world's people to be enhanced - not just in this generation but in succeeding generations - we have a compelling and ever more urgent duty of stewardship to take care of the natural environment and resources on which our economic activity and social fabric depends. ... A new paradigm that sees economic growth, social justice and environmental care advancing together can become the common sense of our age.
Gordon Brown
Speech to United Nations, April 2006.
Today we salute him as the most accomplished parliamentarian of our generation ... when Robin resigned over Iraq no one ever doubted that his decision was founded on principle and the manner of his departure became the true measure of the man. For we can now understand why it was that a man true to his conscience could in circumstances of such controversy leave government in a way that not only manifested an absence of rancour but won applause not just from those who agreed with him but those who disagreed with him.
Gordon Brown
Delivering eulogy at funeral of former British foreign secretary Robin Cook, August 2005.
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Gordon Brown: British politician. Born 1951. Became UK's 52nd Prime Minister June 27 2007, succeeding Tony Blair.

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