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Topic: GAA Quotes - Gaelic Football Quotes, Hurling Quotes, Quotations, Sayings
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I don't want to be biased, but what was the referee at there?
Sean Walsh, Galway Bay FM

A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he's just as good as everybody else.
John B. Keane

The stopwatch has stopped. It's up to God and the referee now. The referee is Pat Horan. God is God.
Micheal O Muircheartaigh

He can take the ball from one end of the field to the other with just the player's occupations.
Jack O'Shea
On Michael O Muircheartaigh's unique commentary style.

The men of Ireland were hurling when the gods of Greece were young.
PJ Devlin (c.1924)

There won't be a cow milked in Clare tonight.
Marty Morrissey
After Clare's 1992 Munster Championship victory.

There won't be a cow milked in Finglas tonight.
Keith Barr
After Erin's Isle 1998 All-Ireland Club semi win.

There are quite a few black and white pictures up there (in the clubhouse), it wll be nice to move them down the wall now.
Mossie Quinn
The St Vincent's captain after their first All Ireland Club title in 32 years.

If Offaly win the National League again this year it will be the greatest accident since the Titanic.
Paul O'Kelly of Offaly

Meath make football a colourful game - you get all black and blue.
Cork fan 1988

I find it hard to see how my northern cousins could get so worked up about counties created by British imperialists.
Colm O'Rourke
Speaking on Ulster TV.

"Did you have to explain to the English what hurling was about?"
"No, but I have to explain it to the people of Wicklow."
Des Cahill and Dara Briain
Briain was former Wicklow hurler.

Any word of the (Clogherhead) Dreadnoughts Sean? Will they ever take on the Man-O-War?
Sean Og O Ceallachain
Quoting reactions to his radio club result broadcasts.

The difference between winning a club and a county All-Ireland is when you get a slap on the back after the match, you actually know the person when you turn around.
Thomas Meehan of Caltra

A fan is someone who, if you have made an idiot of yourself on the pitch, doesn't think you've done a permanent job.
Jack Lynch

The International Rules series was a bit like the Vietnam War. Nobody at home cared about it, but everyone involved sure did.
Leigh Matthews
The Australian coach.

Paidi O'Se is buttoned up like the most devout girl in the Amish community when it came to the pre-final interview.
Tom Humphries

There is a level of politics in hurling. I don't think Henry Kissinger would have lasted a week on the Munster council.
Ger Loughnane

In the dust of defeat as well as in the laurel of victory, there is glory to be found.
JJ Meagher

The miracle of the GAA is that it works so well despite itself. Paranoia, self-doubt, trenchant conservatism, fear of outside sports and veneration of the past are all key parts of the GAA psyche. In order to love the GAA, you have to swallow these faults whole.
Keith Duggan
The Irish Times (2002)

The first time I brought the boys to a match they were chocked at the abuse being heaped on Sean. I kept trying to tell them it was the referee they were shouting at but they said, "Mammy, the referee isn't bald".
Wife of Meath manager Sean Boylan

I'm always suspicious of games where you're the only ones that play it.
Jack Charlton
Asked about hurling.

There is something pigheaded about Wexford this season, something pigheaded and perverse and oddly beautiful. In certain lights they are starting to look heroic.
Tom Humphries
The Irish Times.

If Wexford Hurling Ltd was a company and we had produced the results that we have over the last 25 years or so, we would have been declared bankrupt long ago.
Phil Murphy
Wexford People.

Dublin in rare new times.
The Irish Times
Headline after Dublin hurlers record a surprise win.

There's sunsets and there's the gummy smiles of newborn babies. There's puppy dogs with wagging tails and there's Scarlett Johannsson... But honestly, there is no sight that gladdens the heart quite as much as that which greets you when pull into a GAA club on a Saturday morning. The mini-leagues! Little kids in hurling helmets covering every blade of grass like a happy and un-cordinated army of ants. It's great to see.
Tom Humphries
The Irish Times.

Bogball and Stickfighting.
George Byrne
His view of the Ireland's national games, Evening Herald.

We should wave goodbye and good riddance to the ill-bred hybrid that is the International Rules series... the reality is that Australians are deeply unpleasant when they lose and unbearable when they win. The truth is that, through ignorance and blatant disregard for sportsmanship, they destroy the very sports in which they bend every rule to excel. The truth is that they call 'ultra competitiveness' is in fact a national mindset which elevates thuggery to an art form. Aussies just don't give a XXXX about fair play. All of Ireland's key footballers and those who performed admirably in the first fixture victory were taken out by foul means in the first few minutes. The truth is that if Australia needs to win that much, if they are prepared to besmirch sport and abandon civilised behaviour, they can have it.
Jerome O'Reilly
Sunday Independent" (Nov '06).

The only acceptable recipients of money from the GAA are administrators, coaches, security, bar and catering staff, hawkers, programme sellers, pirates, general scavengers, some managers... but no players. Stalin or Fidel Castro would love the way the GAA has and is being run. Even if something is wrong nobody questions it.
Colm O'Rourke
In Sunday Independent.

The GAA is currently in the middle of that disreputable phase that athletics and rugby union went through in the dying days of their amateur eras. They called it shamateurism then and it's shamateurism now.
Tommy Conlon
Sunday Independent.
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