I could hear a lot of words often repeated, queer words, for there were many nationalities in the crowd; so I quietly got my polyglot dictionary from my bag and looked them out. I must say they were not cheering to me, for amongst them were ‘Ordog’ – Satan, ‘pokol’ – hell, ‘stregoica’ – witch, ‘vrolok’ and ‘vlkoslak’ – both of which mean the same thing, one being Slovak and the other Servian for something that is either werewolf or vampire.

– Bram Stoker

Dracula, Chapter 1. As he boards the coach bound for Count Dracula’s castle, a crowd of peasants gathers and they mutter a lot of unsettling words about witches and devils and vampires at Jonathan Harker. This increases the uneasiness he already feels and is foreshadowing of evil things to come.