HAPPY (with a deep sentiment): Funny, Biff, y’know? Us sleeping in here again? The old beds. (He pats his bed affectionately.) All the talk that went across those two beds, huh? Our whole lives.
BIFF: Yeah. Lotta dreams and plans.
HAPPY (with a deep and masculine laugh): About five hundred women would like to know what was said in this room. (They share a soft laugh.)

– Arthur Miller

Death of a Salesman, Act 1. In this exchange of male banter, Happy and Biff have a moment of nostalgia while visiting the home of their parents where they grew up. The strong family bond between the brothers is apparent as they remember the good times of their youth. Recalling the many women they were with, it is clear that Happy is a womanizer. Also that the brothers had big dreams of success that they did not fulfill. The only thing they appear to have achieved is bedding lots of women!