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Authors: Daniel Radcliffe Quotes, Famous Daniel Radcliffe Quotes Quotations Sayings
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I'm the only kid in the world who doesn't want an eighth Harry Potter book.
Daniel Radcliffe
The actor who plays the boy wizard on screen is relieved that it's ending, quoted in August 2007 issue of Details magazine.
I think it would be very hard to go out with an actress, because they're mad. I've never worked with a nasty actress - they're all absolutely delightful. But completely barking.
Daniel Radcliffe
Quoted in August 2007 issue of Details magazine.
All it takes is for me to be seen chatting up a girl for [tabloids] to, you know, make up some crappy headline about me being a sex rat or whatever they call it.
Daniel Radcliffe
Why he doesn't go to nightclubs, quoted in Details magazine August 2007.
I was in the bath. It was David Heyman the film's producer who called, and he told my dad. He rushed upstairs and told me, and I started to cry -- out of joy, or course.
Daniel Radcliffe
On getting part of Harry Potter.
I cried when I saw my name in the end credits!
Daniel Radcliffe
I've always believed in magic, a hundred percent. I'm fascinated by it.
Daniel Radcliffe
Fans are really important for me. And if they take pains to write me, it's the minimum that I answer myself.
Daniel Radcliffe
I'm thrilled of the acceptance I get abroad. The people are so hearty, warm and grateful and I feel privileged having seen so many countries and some of the greatest monuments.
Daniel Radcliffe
In a way, ... growing up like this with Harry makes it easier to act in each of the films, because I've been through all the stuff that he's going through, like the hormones, relatively recently. So it's quite fresh in my mind. And then I suppose it's been made easier by the fact I've been playing Harry Potter since I was 12. You get to know the character so well that it makes it easier to act in the long run.
Daniel Radcliffe
One of the things that has been amazing has been my parents, who have kept me completely grounded the whole time and I've never got big-headed or anything.
Daniel Radcliffe
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Daniel Radcliffe: English-born film, television and stage actor, who played the boy wizard in the Harry Potter movies. Born July 23, 1989.

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