"My lord," quod he, "be ye nat yvele apayd,
I koude telle, for a gowne-clooth,
To yow, sire frere, so ye be nat wrooth,
How that this fart sholde evene deled be
Among youre covent, if it lyked me."

– Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales, The Summoner’s Tale. After his humiliation by Thomas when he farted on him, the Friar goes to lord off the village, annoyed and wondering how he is supposed to divide a fart among the twelve friars. The lord’s squire mockingly proposes an imaginative solution in return for a "gowne-clooth" (cloth for a gown). He says the Friar should sit in the centre of a cartwheel and send the fart down the spokes of the wheel to each of the other friars.