"Now thanne, put in thyn hand doun by my bak,"
Seyde this man, "and grope wel bihynde.
Bynethe my buttok there shaltow fynde
A thyng that I have hyd in pryvetee."

– Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales, The Summoner’s Tale. Annoyed at the Friar’s hypocrisy and demand for gold at the end of a long sermon against excessive wealth, an exasperated Thomas offers a gift with a sting in the tail. He agrees to give him the gift which he is sitting on, if the Friar promises to divide it equally among the other friars. You can almost sense the money-obsessed Friar’s mouth water, as he follows Thomas’s instructions to reach down beneath his buttocks to find what’s hidden there. When the Friar gropes Thomas he is rewarded with an enormous fart as loud as a horse would let off. Thomas gets his revenge.