This false knyght, that hath this tresoun wroght,
Berth hire on hond that she hath doon thys thyng.
But nathelees, ther was greet moornyng
Among the peple, and seyn they kan nat gesse
That she had doon so greet a wikkednesse.
For they han seyn hire evere so vertuous,
And lovynge Hermengyld right as hir lyf.

– Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales, The Man of Law’s Tale. The knight who slit Hermengild’s throat falsely testifies that Constance carried out the murder. But Constance’s reputation for goodness has grown so strong among the people, that they say they cannot believe she could have done so great a wickedness. For they have seen how viruous she is and how she loved Hermengild as much as her own life.