"In name of Crist," cride this blinde Britoun,
"Dame Hermengyld, yif me my sighte agayn!"
This lady weex affrayed of the soun,
Lest that hir housbonde, shortly for to sayn,
Wolde hire for Jhesu Cristes love han slayn,
Til Custance made hire boold, and bad hire wirche
The wyl of Crist, as doghter of his chirche.

– Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales, The Man of Law’s Tale. The blind Christian Briton appeals to Christian convert Hermengild to restore his sight. Hermengild is afraid that her husband will disapprove of her Christianity, but Constance encourages her to follow the will of Christ, as a daughter of his church and the man’s sight is miraculously restored.