The palm of martirdom for to receyve,
Seinte Cecile, fulfild of Goddes yifte,
The world and eek hire chambre gan she weyve;
Witnesse Tyburces and Valerians shrifte,
To whiche God of his bountee wolde shifte
Corones two of floures wel smellynge,
And made his angel hem the corones brynge.

– Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales, The Second Nun’s Tale. The Second Nun is quoting Doctor of the Church, Saint Ambrose, about Saint Cecilia. In order for her to receive the palm of martyrdom, she filled herself completely with God’s gift and gave up worldly things and her bed-chamber. She witnessed the confession of Tiburtius and Valerian and God sending his angel to bring them two crowns of flowers, symbols of their purity through God.