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Authors: Bertie Ahern Quotes, Famous Bertie Ahern Quotes Quotations Sayings
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Let us consign arguments over the past to the annals of the past, as we make history instead of being doomed to repeat it.
Bertie Ahern
Addressing joint sitting of British House of Commons and House of Lords, May 15 2007 - he was first ever Taoiseach to do so.
This was not a process that promised quick or easy rewards. But he (Tony Blair) has been a true friend of peace, and a true friend of Ireland.
And for that we express our heartfelt thanks. I thank him, not so much for the tea, not so much for the castles that I had the pleasure of spending so many times in, but for the true determination that he had, for just sticking with it.
For 10 tough years, he has spent more times dealing with the issues of the island of Ireland than any person ever could have asked any other person to do.
Bertie Ahern
On return of devolved power-sharing government in Northern Ireland, May 8 2007.
We must do our best to put behind us the terrible wounds of the past and work together to build a new relationship between our two traditions.
Bertie Ahern
After his first public handshake with DUP leader Ian Paisley, April 2007.
We will not get into auction politics, just coming up with ideas put in by this one or that one and putting them all together and having a mish-mash and putting out totally uncosted policies.
Bertie Ahern
On forthcoming May General Election, March 2007.
The revelation that Mr Haughey, for his own personal benefit, redirected those [monies collected for Brian Lenihan's liver operation] and other donations intended for the Fianna Fail party, was a matter of grave disappointment for me and for those who worked with him.
Bertie Ahern
February 2007.
There are always those in politics who have agendas. There are those who personally are out to get you all of the time, and some of them have been personally out to get me for 20 years.
Bertie Ahern
December 2006, looking back on 2006.
No party has a monopoly on Ireland's past. Nor has any one party a monopoly on this State's republican heritage.
Bertie Ahern
December 2006.
There is no reason why the Celtic Tiger cannot be an all-island phenomenon.
Bertie Ahern
Speech to CBI annual conference, November 2006.
I was sat closer to him than you are now and I looked at the great President Bush and said to him, I wanted to be sure to be sure and he assured me.
Bertie Ahern
On the reassurances he received about alleged CIA rendition flights through Shannon Airport, November 2006.
I'm not answering what I got for my Holy Communion money, my Confirmation money, what I got for my birthday, what I got for anything else, I'm not into that.
Bertie Ahern
21 September 2006 responding to questions relating to a leak from The Mahon Tribunal that they would investigate payments he received in 1993.
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Bertie Ahern: Irish politician and leader of Fianna Fail party. Served as tenth Taoiseach of Irish Republic, assuming office in June 1997. Born September 12 1951.

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