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Famous quotes and quotations by famous authors and celebrities, including Beyonce, Borat, George W. Bush, The Bible, Pope Benedict XVI, Charlie Brown, David Brent.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Indian Guru and Spiritual Teacher
Lauren Bacall - Screen Actress
Rocky Balboa - Character in Rocky boxer movies
Sacha Baron Cohen - English Comedian
Sebastian Barry - Irish Writer
David Beckham - Soccer Player
Victoria Beckham - English Singer
Henry Ward Beecher - American Clergyman
Max Beerbohm - English Writer
Big Brother UK - British Reality TV Show
Celebrity Big Brother UK - British Reality TV Show
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Novel by John Boyne
Brendan Behan - Dramatist
Tahar Ben Jelloun - Moroccon-born French Novelist and Poet
Pope Benedict XVI - Roman Catholic Leader
Halle Berry - Screen Actress
George Best - Soccer Player
Beyonce - American Singer
The Bible - Books of Old Testament, New Testament
Osama bin Laden - Al Queda leader
Joe Biden - American Politician
Joe Biden Funny Quotes
Joe Biden Stupid Quotes
Jack Black - American Actor and Musician
Cherie Blair - Wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair
Tony Blair - British Prime Minister
Blindness - Novel by Jose Saramago
Blood Meridian - Novel by Cormac McCarthy
The Bonfire of the Vanities - Novel by Tom Wolfe
Bono - Rock Musician and Singer
Clare Boothe Luce - American Playwright
Borat - Satirical TV Journalist created by Sacha Baron Cohen
Borat Movie - Satirical Journalist created by Sacha Baron Cohen
Russell Brand - English comedian
Marlon Brando - Screen Actor
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Novella by Truman Capote
David Brent - The Office TV Show
The Brothers Karamazov - Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Charlie Brown - Cartoon Character created by Charles Schulz
Gordon Brown - British Prime Minister
Bruno - Movie, TV character created by Sacha Baron Cohen
Buddha - Founder of Buddhism
George Burns - Actor and Comedian
George W. Bush - 43rd US President
Laura Bush - US First Lady
Top Authors Choice
1. Bruno
2. The Bible
3. Borat
4. David Brent
5. Charlie Brown
6. Bono

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