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The business of art is to reveal the relation between man and his environment.
D. H. Lawrence

The course of Nature is the art of God.
Edward Young

The defining function of the artist is to cherish consciousness.
Max Eastman

The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world. In this long vigil he often has to vary his methods of stimulation; but in this long vigil he is also himself striving against a continual tendency to sleep.
Marc Chagall

The finest collection of frames I ever saw.
Sir Humphrey Davy
His opinion of the art galleries in Paris.

The great artist is the simplifier.
Vincent Van Gogh

The history of art is the history of revivals.
Samuel Butler

The history of modern art is also the history of the progressive loss of art's audience. Art has increasingly become the concern of the artist and the bafflement of the public.
Paul Gauguin

The immature artist imitates. The mature artist steals.
Lionel Trilling

The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery.
Francis Bacon

The moment that an artist takes notice of what other people want, and tries to supply the demand, he ceases to be an artist, and becomes a dull or an amusing craftsman, an honest or dishonest tradesman.
Oscar Wilde
The Soul of Man under Socialism.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.
Albert Einstein

The pain passes, but the beauty remains.
Pierre Auguste Renoir
On why he still painted although he had arthritis of his hands.

The people who make art their business are mostly imposters.
Pablo Picasso

The sculptor produces the beautiful statue by chipping away such parts of the marble block as are not needed - it is a process of elimination.
Elbert Green Hubbard

The sound of water escaping from mill-dams, etc., willows, old rotten planks, slimy posts, and brickwork, I love such things…those scenes made me a painter and I am grateful.
John Constable

The things I want to show are mechanical. Machines have less problems.
Andy Warhol

The true artist will let his wife starve, his children go barefoot, his mother drudge for his living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art.
George Bernard Shaw

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?
Pablo Picasso

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
Henri Matisse

There are moments when Art almost attains to the dignity of manual labor.
Oscar Wilde
The Model Millionaire.

There are only two kinds of freedom in the world; the freedom of the rich and powerful, and the freedom of the artist and the monk who renounces possessions.
Anais Nin

There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Pablo Picasso

There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.
Pablo Picasso

There is no more somber enemy of good art than the pram in the hall.
Cyril Connolly

There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted.
Henri Matisse

They have degraded the invisible arts into the obvious arts, and the one thing not worth looking at is the obvious.
Oscar Wilde
The Critic as Artist.

Thirst will parch your tongue and your body will waste through lack of sleep ere you can describe in words that which painting instantly sets before the eye.
Leonardo da Vinci

Time extracts various values from a painter's work. When these values are exhausted the pictures are forgotten, and the more a picture has to give, the greater it is.
Henri Matisse

To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist.
Robert Schumann

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.
Albert Einstein

True artists are almost the only men who do their work for pleasure.
Auguste Rodin

True Ease in Writing comes from Art, not Chance,
As those move easiest who have learned to dance,
'Tis not enough no Harshness gives Offence,
The Sound must seem an Echo to the Sense.
Alexander Pope

Very few people possess true artistic ability. It is therefore both unseemly and unproductive to irritate the situation by making an effort. If you have a burning, restless urge to write or paint, simply eat something sweet and the feeling will pass.
Fran Lebowitz

We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth.
Pablo Picasso.

Well, Art is Art, isn't it? Still, on the other hand, water is water! And East is East and West is West and if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Now, uh . . . now you tell me what you know.
Groucho Marx

Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term art, I should call it "the Reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature through the veil of the mist."
Edgar Allan Poe

What a great artist dies with me.

What do you think an artist is? An imbecile who only has eyes if he's a painter, ears if he's a musician, or a lyre in every chamber of his heart if he's a poet or even, if he's a boxer, only some muscles? Quite the contrary, he is at the same time a political being constantly alert to the horrifying, passionate or pleasing events in the world, shaping himself completely in their image.
Pablo Picasso

What garlic is to salad, insanity is to art.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens

What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter.
Henri Matisse

What is an artist? For every thousand people there's nine hundred doing the work, ninety doing well, nine doing good, and one lucky bastard who's the artist.
Tom Stoppard

What lives in art and is eternally living, is first of all the painter, and then the painting.
Vincent Van Gogh

What Raphael knew of art he learned from me.
Michelangelo told his biographer Condivi that Raphael copied his work.

What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself - life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose.
Willa Cather

When I am finishing a picture, I hold some God-made object up to it - a rock, a flower, the branch of a tree or my hand - as a final test. If the painting stands up beside a thing man cannot make, the painting is authentic. If there's a clash between the two, it's bad art.
Marc Chagall

When I was a child, my mother said to me, "If you become a soldier, you'll be a general; if you become a monk, you'll end up as the Pope." Instead, I became a painter, and wound up Picasso.
Pablo Picasso

When I was the age of these children, I could draw like Raphael: it took me many years to learn how to draw like these children.
Pablo Picasso

When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece.
John Ruskin

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.
Leonardo da Vinci

Whoever wishes to devote himself to painting should begin by cutting out his own tongue.
Henri Matisse

Why drag in Velasquez?
James McNeill Whistler
To a lady who said the two greatest painters were himself and Velasquez.

Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.
George Bernard Shaw

Without freedom, no art; art lives only on the restrains it imposes on itself, and dies of all others.
Albert Camus

Works of art, in my opinion, are the only objects in the material universe to possess internal order, and that is why, though I don't believe that only art matters, I do believe in Art for Art's sake.
E. M. Forster

You do something, and then somebody else comes along and does it pretty.
Pablo Picasso

You must have the devil in you to succeed in any of the arts.

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.
George Bernard Shaw
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