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Topic: AIDS Quotes - Famous AIDS Quotes, Quotations, Sayings about AIDS

We've had too many World AIDS Days.
Richard Gere

India is a country that I care about deeply. We're talking about a population in India that is close to a billion people. If this crisis hits them to the degree it's expected to, we've lost Asia.
Richard Gere
On AIDS crisis in India, Feb 2006.

If we do this work now, we may save 10, 15 million lives. It gives you a lot of focus. I mean, how many things in your life can you do that have that kind of impact?
Richard Gere
On treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, quoted on CNN Nov 2004 - report said Gere donates $100,000 annually to run orphanage for HIV-infected children in India.

We asked ourselves what face we could give to the virus, and it couldn't be a pretty face.
Dirk Silz
The creative director of Germany's new "AIDS Is a Mass Murderer" campaign, on choice of Adolf Hitler as virus's human embodiment.


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