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Authors: Adolf Hitler Quotes, Famous Adolf Hitler Quotes Quotations Sayings
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I go the way that Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker.
Adolf Hitler
Speech in Munich March 1936, quoted in Max Domarus (ed.) Hitler: Reden und Proklamationen 1932-1945
The sportive, knightly battle awakens the best human characteristics. It doesn't separate, but unites the combatants in understanding and respect. He also helps to connect the countries in the spirit of peace. That's why the Olympic Flame should never die.
Adolf Hitler
Commenting on 1936 Olympic Games
The German people are not a warlike nation. It is a soldierly one, which means it does not want a war, but does not fear it. It loves peace but also loves its honor and freedom.
Adolf Hitler
To Reichstag in Berlin February 1936
It is the last territorial claim which I have to make in Europe, but it is the claim from which I will not recede and which, God-willing, I will make good.
Adolf Hitler
Referring to The Sudetenland, speech at Berlin Sportpalast September 1938
With regard to the problem of the Sudeten Germans, my patience is now at an end!
Adolf Hitler
In speech at Berlin Sportpalast September 1938
Well, he [Chamberlain] seemed such a nice old gentleman, I thought I would give him my autograph as a souvenir.
Adolf Hitler
After Munich Agreement September 1938
I believe that it was God's will to send a youth from here into the Reich, to let him grow up, to raise him to be the leader of the nation so as to enable him to lead back his homeland into the Reich.
Adolf Hitler
April 1938, closing speech of election campaign in Vienna on eve of polling
If the international Jewish financiers . . . should again succeed in plunging the nations into a world war the result will be . . . the annihilation of the Jewish race throughout Europe.
Adolf Hitler
Speech to Reichstag in Berlin January 1939
In starting and waging a war it is not right that matters, but victory.
Adolf Hitler
Said in 1939, quoted in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer
England, unlike in 1914, will not allow herself to blunder into a war lasting for years.... Such is the fate of rich countries….Not even England has the money nowadays to fight a world war. What should England fight for? You don't get yourself killed over an ally.
Adolf Hitler
Said in 1939
more Adolf Hitler quotes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 more Adolf Hitler quotes
Adolf Hitler: German dictator. Born in Austria 1889. Died 1945.

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