Take time to pause; and, by the next new moon
(The sealing day betwixt my love and me,
For everlasting bond of fellowship),
Upon that day either prepare to die
For disobedience to your father’s will,
Or else to wed Demetrius, as he would;
Or on Diana’s altar to protest
For aye austerity and single life.

– William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act 1, Scene 1. Hermia is told by Theseus to think hard about her decision to disobey her father’s wish to marry the man he has chosen for his daughter. The Duke gives her a deadline of the next new moon. Then she must either marry Demetrius, or prepare to die or live a life of austerity as a virgin priestess in the temple of Diana. Hermia is denied the freedom to make her own choice in the matter of who she loves and marries. This is controlled by men: her father and Theseus.